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The details are in the details

We started Wôl with a desire to create something beautiful using the expertise and knowledge we’d developed; to fill a need we just couldn’t satisfy with what was available. For us, true craftsmanship is about more than just an uncompromising attention to detail; it’s about doing things the way they were meant to be done.

Wôl is part of the Palladio Mouldings family, a company that celebrates traditional methods of design and production. Our keen eye for design and steady hand of craftsmanship are the key ingredients that make Wôl such a beautiful product.

All of Palladio’s work — custom or otherwise — is hand-made. We have no 3D printers, robots or mechanical gadgets. We have sculptors who work in clay. Craftsman who hand-pour moulds. Eagle-eyed perfectionists who know that plaster’s impact is greatest when it’s flawless.

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