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Below is a link to our installation PDF, which covers basic installation for all of our tiles.

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Specification Sheets

Each product has a specification sheet listed in the details.

Click on any of the products to view the full description and a link to the spec sheet as shown below.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I install Wol 3D Tiles myself?

A: Yes, If you follow our installation instructions carefully, you will be admiring you your work in a short time.

Q: Are Wol 3D Tiles painted/finished.

A: No, Our Tiles are supplied unfinished ready to accept any finish. Wol 3D Tiles can be painted prior to, or after installation. As they create a 3D surface a spray application would offer the best results.

Q: How do I care for my Wol 3D Tiles?

A: Caring For Wol 3D tiles is simple. Just treat them like any other painted surface in your space. Dust occasionally with the brush attachment on you vacuum, or wipe down with a damp cloth.

Q: What if my walls are not even?

A: If it is not practical for you to patch or skim the walls to a even surface. Don’t worry. You can just follow the mechanical fastening direction in our installation instructions to ensure a stable installation.

Q: What are Wol 3D Tiles made of, are they healthy?

A: Wol 3D Tiles are made of a natural gypsum material. There are no dangerous off gassing or harmful health affects, either in the manufacturing or use of this product.

Q: Are Wol 3D Tiles fire rated?

A: Gypsum is a non combustible material, in fact, it works as a barrier to cover other combustibles to slow or stop the movement of fire from one area to another. Review our specification sheets for more details.

Q: Can I use Wol 3D Tiles outside?

A: Not recommended. Wol 3D Tiles are manufactured for interior applications. However, Wol is a full service custom manufacturer and would be delighted to discuss exterior material options. Contact Us for more details.

Q: Can I remove Wol 3D Tiles without damaging my walls.

A: Yes. Wol understands that your may need to remove or replace tiles and has developed an installation method with this in mind. Wol 3D Tiles can be removed and the spacer tape peeled from the wall surface with minimal damage to the original wall surface.

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